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Tradeasia is a global chemical trading in the business of trading of formic acid ( HCOOH ) and industrial chemicals. Our activities include supply chain management services, inbound and outbound logistics, and chemical products consulting. Strategically based in Singapore and Tradeasia has 7 offices in emerging markets such as Indonesia, China, India, Vietnam, Dubai, and Myanmar. Within a decade, We have evolved into a competent market player in the international trading arena.

Our Mission

To give quality products and services to our customers and HCOOH suppliers with a sense of integrity. Relationship and trust are the pillars of our development.

Our Vision

To be the most sought-after supply chain partner globally and provide our customers with the best HCOOH procurement solutions.

Our Strengths

  • Customized supply chain solutions
  • Automation of Sales Process
  • Easy Reachability through various online technologies and cloud platforms.
  • Our Human resources

We have been providing trading services for formic acid ( HCOOH ) worldwide to chemical industries since 2002. Today, we have grown into a leading global trading service provider because of the following unique features which makes us stand apart from  others:

  • Quality service: Over the years, our products have become a synonym for quality. Our top priority is to provide the best quality chemical trading services to our clients. We also ensure that Formic acid supplied by us conform to international quality standards.
  • Global networkWe have a global network of many suppliers of formic. This gives us access to local market knowledge and providing you quality products on time and at a reasonable price. Our local offices in different countries assure that our global procurement services are streamlined.

  • Trusted supplierWe believe that trust has to be earned, but it cannot be demanded. Over the years, we have been successful in building trust in our customers’ hearts by ensuring that every consignment of the product is delivered to them hassle-free. Besides, to improve our product quality and meet our customers’ changing requirements, we devote ourselves to broadening the range of products and keep focusing on technology innovation.

  • Proven experiencewe have gained extensive experience in providing quality chemical trading services to our clients. Our staff members are seasoned experts in understanding the needs and expectations of our clients. Today, we take pride in having some of the world’s highest-profile clients on Tradeasia books.

  • Strong partnerships: we have given high priority on building strong partnerships with our local suppliers to make sure that our partnerships last for many years. Our long term partnerships give us an edge over our competitors and help us in supplying products to our customers at a reasonable price.