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Formic Acid Overview

Formic acid is a chemical compound with the chemical formula HCOOH or HCO2H. It is the simplest carboxylic acid and is a colorless liquid that has a sharp odor and is highly corrosive. Formic acid is usually found in the sap of some ants, which gives it the name “formic” which comes from the Latin word for ant, “formica”. These compounds are used in a variety of industrial applications, including the manufacture of chemical products, food preservation, and in the textile and leather industries. In addition, formic acid is also used in the production of other organic chemicals.


Manufacturing Process Formic Acid


Formic acid (FA) is an important chemical with many applications in the industry. Despite this, the FA process has not received much attention in the open literature. In this work, FA process design and optimization are performed for the production of 98 wt % FA. Total annual cost (TAC) of the optimal base case process is 0.686 USD/kg. In addition, a recently developed methodology for process retrofit is applied, and retrofitting two distillation columns to a dividing-wall column (DWC) is investigated in detail. Results show that DWC retrofit is not attractive as it increases TAC of the process. The reasons for the increase in TAC are discussed. However, the FA process with DWC is attractive for a new plant, with lower capital and operating costs compared to the optimized base case process with conventional distillation columns.

Formic Acid Table Info

IUPAC Name Cas Number HS Code Formula
Formic Acid
Appearance Name Common Namesr Packaging
Clear, Colorless Liquid
Methanoic Acid, Formylic Acid, Hydrogen Carboxylic Acid, Aminic Acid
35 Kg HDPE Square Drum

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